Student Safety
    & Wellbeing

    Is at the heart of our existence.

    Our AI-powered, SaaS solutions help schools with advanced detection and intervention against:


    Self-harm & Suicide

    Violence & Terror

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    Today, Saasyan is assuring the safety and wellbeing of

    Over 400,000 Students across 600 government and
    non-government schools

    Our flagship product Saasyan Assure provides school wellbeing practitioners, teachers and IT with actionable insights.

    Saasyan Assure Dashboard

    Assure Solution Snapshot



    • Monitor
    • Detect
    • Alert
    • Investigate
    • Escalate
    • Report
    • Archive
    • Temporary Firewall Rule Overrides


    Across all online and digital student activity on the school network

    • Web-searches
    • Web sites visited
    • Videos
    • Chat
    • Email
    • Social media
    • Emojis


    Detecting high risk student behavioral and emotional indicators

    #violence #profanity #suicide
    #drugs #alcohol
    #sexism #LGBTI-slurs
    #aggression #terror
    and more.....

    Assure Integrations

    Saasyan Assure integrates with and leverages best-in-class technologies

    • Microsoft Active Directory
    • Azure AD
    • Google Identity Platform
    • Okta
    • Cloudwork Identity Manager
    • OneLogin
    • Fortinet
    • Palo Alto Networks
    • Sophos
    • Zscaler (coming soon)
    • Cisco (coming soon)
    • Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365)
    • Google Workspace (previously G-Suite)
    • Canvas
    • Google Classroom
    • Schoolbox
    • Frog LMS (coming soon)

    • Support for LTI Framework
    • Edval
    • Synergetic
    • Timetabling Solutions
    • Edumate
    • Maze

    • Additional connectors available

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    Student Safety & Wellbeing

    While we’re proud to be market leaders with our cutting-edge AI and cloud technologies, we are also humbled by the fact that no technology company, no government, no school and no parent in the world – is completely on top of student safety and wellbeing.

    At Saasyan, we believe it takes a #SafeVillage:

    • For children to flourish

    • For students to learn

    • For parents to have peace of mind

    • For teachers to do their life’s best work

    • For principals to deliver learning outcomes

    • For society to develop outstanding citizens


    So, in addition to our technology leadership, we see ourselves, together with our #SafeVillage partners, enabling a global community where we encourage conversation, learning and support for everyone who cares about student safety and wellbeing.

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    Why Schools love heart_bee_80px Saasyan Assure

    ✅ Temporary overrides of firewall policy

    ✅ Reporting on programs and website accessed during your class.


    Mr Croft, the Year 11 Arts teacher wants to play a Youtube video currently blocked by the school firewall policy.

    With an easy-to-use feature in Assure Mr Croft is able to temporarily allow that video to play for the next 45 minutes without having to contact School IT or the Network Administrator.

    Further, his Assure dashboard shows him what applications and websites the students are accessing in his class – allowing him to proactively realign students to focus on their work and avoid the distractions.

    Self-serve reporting

    Alerts for high-risk student activity

    Previously Miss Wells the Wellbeing Director had to rely on the School IT team to create and run searches on high-risk activities by students. This used to take days and were never comprehensive.

    Now using Assure she has the ability to run reports on-demand by herself and she knows she is getting up-to-the-minute information.

    Additionally, she now relies on the Alerts to notify her automatically via email if any high-risk activity is taking place.

    ✅ Reduced administration

    ✅ Reduced complexity

    ✅ No compromise on best-in-class technologies


    With Assure:

    1. No Hardware (Assure is an all-cloud SaaS solution)
    2. No Agents on school servers or student devices
    3. No impact to internet or server performance
    4. Encrypted Data SSL connection
    5. Highly scalable – Assure is hosted on Amazon Web Services
    6. Fast Responsive – leveraging cloud computing, Assure’s searching, filtering and reports respond in milli-seconds
    7. Easy compliance with Data Retention policy
    8. Integrates with school identity management system
    9. Integrates with security and next generation firewall
    10. Eliminates demands by teachers on IT staff for temporary changes to firewall policies
    11. Eliminates demands by wellbeing leaders on IT staff for running searches and reports on student online activity