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Assure Web Filter


Supporting On-Premises, Off-Premises, BYOD and 1:1 Programs

Developed specifically for smaller K-12 schools, the Assure Web Filter empowers schools with advanced web filtering, deep inspection and flexible controls, enabling them to support their students’ learning journey and to protect their students from harmful online content. 

The Assure Web Filter is available as an optional module to our cloud-based, online student safety solution, Saasyan Assure. 

Everything You Love About Assure, Now With K-12 Web Filter

Assure Web Filter Diagram

Enhancing Digital Safety In Schools With Advanced Web Filtering 

The Saasyan Assure Web Filter is a comprehensive solution comprising two key modules:  

  1. A Cloud-Managed Virtual Appliance, for supporting On-Premises and BYOD; and
  2. A Cloud-Managed On-Device Filter, for supporting Off-Premises and 1:1 Programs.

How It Works

  1. Network traffic is captured by the Assure Web Filter.

  2. The Assure Web Filter detects users and applies the appropriate policies to them:
    a.    Traffic that is allowed goes to the user as normal. 
    b.    Encrypted traffic is selectively decrypted and analysed which is then either allowed or blocked. 
    c.    Blocked traffic will display a block page to the user, and optionally an alert can be sent to administrators.

  3. All traffic is logged for the Alerts and Reports within Assure.
Web Filter Infrastructure Diagram


The On-Premises filter requires a Hyper-V or ESX server (with 40GB disk space, 4G RAM, 4 x vCPUs, 1 x vNIC) to deploy a virtual appliance.


Featuring Best-In Class Functionalities, Including: 

  • Granular Controls: Set and manage policies with precision, tailored by year, class, or individual student. 
  • Time-Based Policies: Flexibly adjust access privileges based on time constraints. 
  • Selective SSL Decryption: Ensure security while maintaining privacy with selective decryption capabilities. 
  • AI-Prompt Inspections: Detect concerning language or prompts entered by users.
  • Video Controls: Manage and monitor video content access with ease. 
  • Wellbeing and Safety Alerts: Receive timely alerts to address potential risks to student safety and wellbeing. 
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Gain insights into usage patterns and potential risks with detailed reports categorised by year, class, student, and activity type. 
  • Configurable Dashboards: Customise dashboards to align with your specific monitoring and reporting needs. 
  • 12-Month Rolling Data Retention: Keep historical data accessible for informed investigation, decision-making and compliance purposes. 


Read more about our new Web Filter announcement on our blog: Saasyan Unveils Advanced Web Filter For K-12 Schools.


To enquire about implementing the Assure Web Filter at your school, please contact us.


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