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The Saasyan Bee: A Symbol of Vigilance, Unity and Adaptability

You might have chatted with Saasy, our famous support bee, but have you ever wondered where the Saasyan bee came from? Saasyan’s logo was strategically crafted and extensively deliberated before landing on a symbol that represents our mission and values.

Screen Time Is Now Essential for Kids. Here's Why

Whether they’re gaming, socialising, learning or shopping, there is no denying that technology plays a huge role in the lives of children and teenagers. While many of us can remember a time where not everyone had a mobile phone and social media wasn’t around, kids today would find the concept of not being constantly connected hard to fathom.

5 Insights From Moving to Saasyan Assure

We sat down with two IT directors who have recently made the switch to Saasyan Assure to learn about their experience and insights they may have for others considering a similar move.

Saasyan Wins AWS Cloud Innovation Award

Saasyan brings home the Industry Innovation award for Education at the AWS Australia and New Zealand Partner Summit 2023 for our AI-powered online student safety solution, Assure.
The 7 Core Values Powering Our Mission At Saasyan

The 7 Core Values Powering Our Mission At Saasyan

On a recent Culture Creators podcast interview, our CEO Sidney Minassian shared how at Saasyan we truly value the importance of care, craft, creation, continuous learning, commercial awareness, communication, and celebration. These seven values are at the core of everything we do at Saasyan, and they guide us in our interactions with each other, our clients, and the wider community.

The Silent Victims of School Shootings

We are often painfully aware of the lasting trauma of those directly involved in school shootings, but what about the silent victims? What impact does witnessing these traumatic events over and over again have on a child's necessary sense of safety and security in school?

Shouldn't Your School Know...?

With the prevalence of technology on the rise, student cyberbullying, self-harm, suicide and threats of violence are a growing problem for schools.