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How to Recognise and Combat Online Grooming

Keeping Kids Safe From Harm Online Online interactions play a significant role in our interconnected world. Unfortunately, this connectivity opens the door to potential dangers, particularly for children and teenagers who may become victims of online grooming.

Saasyan’s Commitment to Responsible and Ethical AI For Student Safety

With the prevalence of AI across K-12 schools increasing each day, it’s crucial that educational institutions, governments, and technology providers implement ethical AI policies to combat misuse and mitigate the risks that can come with the use of AI solutions. Whilst these solutions are undoubtedly a phenomenal resource for students to learn and grow, they can also present significant risks to the wellbeing and safety of both students and staff.

Change Managed: How Saasyan Supports Your School When Moving to Assure

Change can often seem daunting, but it is through change that we adapt, grow, and improve both ourselves and the world around us. Implementing a resource such as Assure will inevitably change the way you intervene, respond, and manage the online safety of your students, but that doesn't mean it has to be a difficult process.

Addressing The Student Mental Health Crisis, Advice for Parents and More with Rozika Pratap, Department for Education South Australia

In her role as the Cyber Awareness and Education Lead for the South Australia Department for Education, Rozika Pratap has a unique perspective to add when it comes to student online safety. In this episode of Saasyan's Wellbeing Wednesday Series, she shares her perspective on the growing student mental health crisis, identifying the balance between offering students the independence they crave with the need to intervene, and her advice for parents.

IT’s Role in Online Student Safety, AI for Learning and More with Philip Callil, Yarra Valley Grammar

Philip Callil, Director of IT and Digital Learning at Yarra Valley Grammar works each day not only to implement innovative technology solutions, but to ensure that both staff and students are using them appropriately. In this episode of Saasyan's Wellbeing Wednesday Series, Philip discusses the role that IT plays when dealing with student online safety, the use of AI for learning, and establishing Yarra Valley Grammar's duty of care.

The Challenges Students Face Today and Responding To Online Safety Incidents with Rozika Pratap, South Australia Department for Education

Rozika Pratap, Cyber Awareness and Education Lead from the Department for Education, South Australia has extensive experience working with K-12 schools to keep students safe whilst online. In this episode of Saasyan's Wellbeing Wednesday Series, Rozika discusses the biggest mental health challenges students face today, the impacts that adverse online behaviours have on children, plus the policies put in place to respond to these incidents.

Responding to Online Safety Issues, Promoting Positive Behaviour and More With Tom Ling, Encounter Lutheran College

As the wellbeing coordinator at Encounter Lutheran College, Thomas Ling works closely with K-12 students each day to promote positive behaviour and mental health practices. In this episode of Saasyan's Wellbeing Wednesday Series, he shares some of his insights into student safety responses, the importance of getting parents involved in safe laptop usage, plus some inspiring advice for students today.