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New Assure Web Categories, SCIM Support for Users and Groups, Crowdsourced Web Categories and More

New Assure Features - March 2024

In the latest release of Assure, version 5.18 introduces the new Assure Web Categories for URL based alerting and reporting, SCIM support for users and groups, crowdsourced web categories and more. Read on to see the highlights.


New Assure Web Categories

We are thrilled to introduce the new Assure Web Categories, now available to the hundreds of schools relying on Assure’s advanced student safety and wellbeing risk alerts each day for early detection and proactive intervention.

In many instances, schools may wish to categorise URL’s under a more specific or custom label rather than the somewhat general or broad categories applied by third party firewalls. For example, URL’s pertaining to lifelines or helplines may be categorised as ‘health and wellness’ or ‘wellbeing’ which can be difficult to create risk alerts for without receiving false positives. 

For any of the Assure Web Categories, users can add any URL or website to this list and create custom category, or URL based alerts to ensure that concerning web activity is detected with even more precision.




Crowdsourced Web Categories

We have always believed it takes a village to help keep students safe online. No matter how advanced technology is in adapting to the ever-changing slang, trends, and emerging risks to students, one of the best ways to stay on top of this is through the sharing of knowledge and information. 

Assure’s crowdsourced dictionary and classifications have enabled schools to benefit from the additions of other schools to identify thousands of different trigger terms, and with Assure version 5.18, we are bringing this feature to web categories. 

Whether your school has identified an emerging threat based on an individual website or list of sites, or if another user has already done so, the Assure Web Categories enable your school to be more prepared to proactively intervene and detect concerning website activity and content.

As users add custom categories within Assure, these will become visible in the crowdsourcing section for you to determine if you would like to add this to your web categories and wellbeing risk alerts. 


SCIM Support to Read Users and Group Members


With hundreds, if not thousands, of users authenticating and connecting to your network and systems each day, requests to add or delete users can be incredibly time consuming. With Assure version 5.18, support for SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) means Administrators can now further streamline and automate necessary changes to user provisioning.

When changes are made in your school’s IdP, including create, update, or delete actions, this can now be synced with Assure with the SCIM protocol.


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