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Saasyan Assure Integration With Schoolbox

Assure integration with Schoolbox

Schoolbox + Assure: Making Firewall Rule Overrides Easier

Assure's integration with the Schoolbox Learning Management System allows teachers to create firewall rule overrides within the Schoolbox application.

A rule override can allow or deny a specific web page, web categories, or web applications for a class, a student or several specific students. Each rule can be permanent, temporary, or scheduled for a specific class.

This is useful when teachers need to enable students to access permitted websites or applications needed for lessons but have for one reason or another been blocked by the school's firewall.

Assure's integration with Schoolbox for firewall rules overrides has many benefits:

  • Student learning outcomes are not disrupted due to permitted websites or applications not being accessible
  • School and classroom productivity is increased, as there is no back and forth between the teacher and IT teams trying to fulfil this task
  • Teachers do not have to change applications (from Schoolbox to Assure) to access this 'Rule Override' function
  • School IT teams have one more task removed from their workload as this previously manual function is now automated and self-serve.

Assure + Schoolbox (1)

The graphic above shows the architecture of Assure with Schoolbox.

8 Simple Steps to Create a Firewall Rules Override in Schoolbox with Assure

  1. Log in to Schoolbox. 
    NOTE: you need to be a teacher or admin in order to be able to create a firewall rules override.

  2. Select 'Classes' from the main menu.

  3. Select the class you want to create the rule override for.

  4. Click on the 'Create Rule' button and a slide-out modal window for setting up the rule appears.

  5. Select the group and user(s) you want to activate the rule override for.

  6. Select the start and end time of when the rule override should be active.

  7. Include the applications, web categories or specific URL(s) you wish to create the rule for.
    NOTE: when adding a URL to the rule scope, you have the possibility to analyse the page. If the page analysis is enabled, Assure will analyse the provided link's entire web page and automatically add all related pages to the rule. Example: Analysing will allow all YouTube related content.

  8. After you've completed all of the setup tasks, you may save the rule. After the rule has been saved, it will be listed under the course.
    NOTE: The rule can be viewed by the students who take the course as well as other teachers who teach the same course. Only the rule creator and admins can delete or edit the rules.

Check out the video below to see how a rule override is created in Schoolbox with Assure:

HubSpot Video


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About Schoolbox

Schoolbox is a learning management system, Intranet and Portal designed for K-12 schools. It supports teachers in their day-to-day workflows and routines. The easy to use and intuitive system is an integrated all-in-one virtual learning environment. The layout of the pages can be customised and with dragging and dropping components which can then have content embedded to create engaging links.

Schoolbox integrates with an array of external digital learning tools, including Saasyan Assure. Teachers can also embed Google Docs, Youtube, OneNote and other tools, making it easy to have all the resources and learning tools in one place. When students log in to Schoolbox, they can access them all.

Teachers can build interactive and reusable content to be used across classes and years with a flexible variety of activities, including projects, tasks and quizzes. Create courses that cater to a variety of teaching and learning styles and pedagogical approaches.

What other benefits can Saasyan Assure provide your school?

Assure is an AI-Powered Student Safety & Wellbeing solution, enabling K-12 schools to detect and intervene against student cyberbullying, self-harm, suicide, threats of violence.

For wellbeing leaders, Saasyan Assure provides immediate alerts and scheduled reports that help wellbeing practitioners identify perpetrators and victims of high-risk behaviour.

For School IT, Assure leverages exiting technologies to provide automated data capture, alerting and self-serve reporting on student digital activities.

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