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Coding, Robotics & Animation Apps For Students & Teachers

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28 Digital Resources...

In a digital world, the way we teach and learn has changed. With many different applications and other resources out there for schools to use, it can be difficult to decide which ones are best suited for your school. We've compiled a list in alphabetical order of resources that can assist you in teaching pupils such as coding, robotics, animation, and languages in the classroom.


Coding Pro Education

Teach kids how to code through Term and School Holiday programs. Coding Pro Education is a school and online platform that provides courses on coding, programming, robotics, and engineering for children aged 4 to 18 years old. 

Digital Technologies for the Australian Curriculum 9&10 Workbook

Sorry, this isn't an app or a website, but it's too good not to be included in our list. This textbook has a text-based adventure game that depending on your goals for the classroom, can serve as a good starting point for other similar games.

Invent with Python

Python is an excellent start in the world of programming for any who are interested in software, spreadsheets, or designing video games. This website by Al Sweigart offers a ton of free resources and book recommendations for Python projects.

LEGO® Education

LEGO® Education has created a number of products that provide both educators and learners with the opportunity to explore STEM concepts in an innovative way. The wide range of lessons available allows teachers to seamlessly integrate LEGO® bricks into their curriculum for pre-K through secondary education.

LEGO® Education offers a variety of classroom kits that can be used as standalone units or combined with other lessons for more complex projects, all developed by experts in education research, science education content development and learning-by-design.

Microsoft MakeCode

The Microsoft MakeCode website offers a variety of lessons for beginners, intermediates, and advanced coders. Students may discover how to create their own games, animations, or projects by participating in enjoyable activities. The site also includes a MakeCode virtual coding playground that is available to everyone around the world who wishes to use code to express their creativity.

Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft is now an educational tool that teachers can use to teach concepts in a fun way. Minecraft: Education Edition has been designed for educators who want more content-driven, engaging and immersive experiences with the game while maintaining control of what their students are doing. This edition includes new features such as world-building tools, classroom management options and increased student collaboration capabilities which make it easier than ever before to turn your lessons into reality! You'll be able to provide hours of playtime whilst teaching important skills like mapping coordinates or taking measurements using tape measures - all within one exciting experience.


Pygame is a set of Python modules that are designed to create video games. Pygame adds functionality on top of the excellent SDL library, allowing you to create fully featured games and multimedia programs in Python. Pygame is available on all operating systems and also runs on nearly every platform. In addition, it's free and has been downloaded millions of times.

Python Programming Tutorials

This site has lots of tutorials, but you'll need to install PyGame (see the previous resource on this list) in order for the Python tutorials to work. Access a variety of topics within Python - machine learning, data analysis and web development are just some examples.

Python Turtle

Want to introduce programming to kids? With this Python library, users can create pictures and shapes by providing them with a virtual canvas. It's perfect for educational purposes that display the result of commands on the screen. It is useful for teaching students the concepts of basic programming concepts such as sequencing, loops, variables, and conditionals. The turtle's behaviour can also be manipulated to give the appearance that it is drawing things to animate an image. You will not need to install Python or anything else as PythonTurtle is completely self-contained.

Real Python 

A website with hundreds of Python tutorials, video lessons, downloads and bonus resources. These tutorials range from beginner to advanced level and cover topics like machine learning, data analysis, and web development. You will surely not run out of helpful resources on this site! You'll be able to interact with other students and educators, as well as complete certifications.

Scratch 3.0

Create interactive stories, games, and animations using Scratch. Share your work with others in the online community. Scratch is designed for ages 8 to 16 helping to develop creative thinking, systematic reasoning, and work collaboration - skills that will help them lead successful lives in the 21st century.


BirdBrain Technologies

Explore the depths of your students' creativity and let them expand their programming know-how with BirdBrain Technologies' Hummingbird Robotics Kit.Out of any materials, with any device and in multiple programming languages your students can design, build and program a robot. You'll also have access to free learning materials for professional development, classroom projects and integraion, robot building and programming.

Finch Robot is another popular robotics kit by BirdBrain Technologies powered by Micro:Bit. The Finch robot kit suits students from kindergarten to college. Compatible with multiple devices in your classroom and usable with a wide range of programming options Finch Robot lets your students go far with their imagination.

Makey Makey

Invent with Makey Makey and make learning code fun while your students control their favourite Scratch game. Students can use everyday materials to design their own controller and use foil, pennies and paper clips to build sensors.


Make teaching and learning robot programming simple and fun with mBot's STEM coding robot for beginners. Your students can build a robot from scratch, learn about robotic machinery and electronic parts, and also get an understanding about the fundamentals of block-based programming.

Micromelon Robotics

Micromelon Robotics wants to teach students and children robotics in a simplified way. Their single platform allows students to concentrate on learning how to code instead of learning how certain software works. With their Micromelon Rover product, students can connect and run their code written in the Code Editor in seconds.

Parrot Education

With Parrot Minidrones, you may explore robotics from an aerial perspective. Swift Playgrounds enables your students to code the drone to take off, land, move around, perform acrobatic figures and even control accessories. You'll have many options to code drones in your classroom as Parrot Education partners with several coding platforms.


Designed to be easily used in the classroom, Wink2 is a good first step into written programming code. If your students already know Scratch they'll be able to move on to writing their own code. C language will be taught to them in an easy, straightforward way. Get access to free lessons and get more ideas on how you can use Wink2 in your classroom.



Draw something in a notebook, whiteboard, paper or other surface, scan it and animate it! Give your grawings alive and do different things with them such as feeding them.


Bring life to anything you want. The PuppetMaster can be used to incorporate art and technology into teaching. Get more ideas from PuppetMaster's lesson plans and let your students' creativity blossom!

Puppet Pals 2

Create animated cartoons with Puppet Pals 2. Move your characters and make them interact with different objects, and move their mouths in sync to your student's voice.

Tip: have a look at what other apps the creators of Puppet Pals 2 has to offer which can be used at schools.

Language studies


Help your student learn a new language with Duolingo. It's free, you have access to an extensive amount of languge resources. If you're looking to boost your student's learning, you can upgrade the account with Duolingo Plus.

Rosetta Stone

Learning a new language requires you to be surrounded by the langage, getting immediate feedback on pronounciation and practising on key words and phrases in multiple contexts. Rosetta Stone helps learners of all ages to learn a second language, and with a special solution for K-12 schools.

Other Resources

BBC micro:bit

Manage and review your students' code across lessons. The BBC micro:bit is a physical computing gadget that bridges the gap between abstract ideas and real-world experiences. Your students will acquire essential competencies and abilities in critical thinking and collaboration by using the micro:bit, helping them develop ideas, share them and making them real.

Evidence Me

Evidence Me helps educators make student assessment easier by keeping all the observations in one place. Tag objectives, track progress and produce curriculum coverage reports. No more sticky notes. 

Marvel - Design and build Apps

Create interactive app prototypes. All you need is a pen and some paper - and Marvel.

Purple Mash

Whole curriculum resource - mapped to the curriculum ensuring full coverage in various subjects. To name a few, the application has animation, sound and painting tools.

Teaching with the iPad

Lots of free resources to support teachers in incorporating digital technology into their classrooms. This site has resources available when teaching students coding, robotics, stop motion animation, Minecraft and other areas.