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About Saasyan

Student safety & wellbeing is at the heart of our existence at Saasyan.

Saasyan Company Intro

Today our AI-Powered SaaS solutions ensure the safety and wellbeing of over 400,000 students across 600 schools with advanced detection and intervention against cyberbullying, self-harm, suicide and threats of violence and terror.

Our solutions tightly integrate with the world’s leading identity, cyber-security, collaboration and learning management solutions to provide monitoring, alerting, reporting and insights, giving peace of mind to principals, wellbeing practitioners, teachers, parents and school IT.

While at Saasyan we are pushing the boundaries with cutting edge cloud and AI technologies, we are also humbled by the fact that no technology company, no government, no school and no parent in the world has the definitive answer or solution when it comes to student safety and wellbeing.

So, beyond our technology leadership we see ourselves playing a crucial role on the world stage as facilitators of a global community to engage in conversations, raise awareness and share knowledge with everyone who cares about student safety and wellbeing.

Headquartered in Australia and led by seasoned technology entrepreneurs, we are in fast scale-up mode with international expansion plans.

Our mission has just begun.

Saasyan is assuring the safety and wellbeing of over 400,000 Students across 600 schools


Join 600+ Schools taking action today.

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