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About Saasyan

Online Student Safety
Is At The Heart Of Our Existence

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Saasyan is a leader in AI-Powered Online Student Safety for K-12 Schools.

With the mass adoption of technology in the classroom and with remote learning, the online safety of students is top of mind for parents, is a high priority for school leaders and is a non-trivial problem for school IT teams.

Saasyan helps schools ensure the online safety of their students with flexible cybersecurity controls for K-12 classrooms, advanced alerting of cyberbullying & self-harm, and easy reporting of student online activities. 

Integrating with the world's leading identity, cybersecurity and collaboration platforms already used by schools, Saasyan’s all-cloud solution is quick to setup and delivers immediate value.

Today we serve over 400,000 students across 600 government and non-government schools.

Our mission has just begun.

Saasyan is assuring the online safety of over 400,000 students across 600 schools


Join 600+ Schools taking action today.

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