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Saasyan for Students

Feel Safe and Become Your Best at Your School

Have peace of mind that your school has the latest technology to protect you and your friends against cyberbullying and to enable productive digital learning.


Saasyan enables
schools to

Prevent Cyber-bullying

Cyberbullying can have long-lasting effects on a person's wellbeing. More than one in ten students have been cyberbullied, and this form of bullying is on the rise (source: UNESCO). Saasyan's Assure solution uses advanced AI to immediately identify concerning the language used in social posts, emails, and chat messages

Prevent Self-harm & Suicide

Self-harm and youth suicide is an epidemic across the world that does not get the attention it deserves. Students who experienced bullying or cyberbullying are nearly 2 times more likely to attempt suicide (source). More often than not, there is a digital trail indicating a call for help. Saasyan's Assure solution analyses this digital trail and alerts on searches, websites and communication that implies an attempt to self-harm.

Prevent Violence & Terror

Students and teachers flourish when they have mental, emotional and physical safety. About 50% of students worldwide, ages 13 to 15, report experiencing peer-to-peer violence in and around the school (source: United Nations Children's Fund). The Saasyan Assure solution immediately alerts concerning searches, websites, or communication that indicate threats of guns, violence, and terror.

Improve Classroom productivity

Saasyan Assure enables permitted teachers to create temporary firewall override rules (without having to contact School IT). Further with the analytics and reporting student and classroom engagement and productivity can be assessed and improved.

Deliver Better Learning Outcomes

Saasyan Assure's features are designed to provide peace of mind for principals, teachers and parents, to enhance productivity in the classroom and to ensure students are happy, safe and engaged.

All these features work hand in hand to deliver better learning outcomes.

Enhance Digital Citizenship

With analytics, help students stay on task, be kind and be productive online.

Assure provides St Peter's Girls' School with the ability to easily monitor student activity through a user-friendly app, providing reports on website visits, while also alerting staff of potentially risky online activity. Assure is helping us make better digital citizens for the future.

Tracey Guyers | IT Manager - St Peter's Girls

Nossal High School has been using Saasyan Assure as an adjunct to our wellbeing program. It provides us with a huge amount of data relating to potentially concerning online behaviours and can be a trigger for early intervention or identification of breaches of our cyber ethics policies.

Roger Page | Principal - Nossal High School

Assure has been a great find for us. It surfaces a lot of information we previously were not able to see. And I am talking about very pertinent information. It also allows our staff to generate reports without having to wait longer than they need to.

Greg Anderson | Chief Information Officer - The Society of Sacred Advent Schools