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The Saasyan Bee: A Symbol of Vigilance, Unity and Adaptability

You might have chatted with Saasy, our famous support bee, but have you ever wondered where the Saasyan bee came from? Saasyan’s logo was strategically crafted and extensively deliberated before landing on a symbol that represents our mission and values.

Guardians of the Colony

Bees are renowned for their protective nature when it comes to their colonies. They guard their hive with unwavering dedication, keeping it safe around the clock from any potential threat. Similarly, Saasyan’s services help schools keep their students safe, protecting them from digital threats 24/7.


Teamwork and Connectivity

Bees are social insects that work together in harmony, with each member of the colony playing a vital role in its success. This parallels the interconnectedness of students and highlights the importance of collaboration. With this in mind, it’s important that students collaborate in a safe and positive way, free from any harmful online interactions and other negative behaviour. Saasyan helps schools keep student interactions safe and positive that are conducive to healthy collaboration. 

We also believe it takes a village to keep students safe and strive to create a community that unites parents, educators, wellbeing professionals, and school leadership with the shared mission of ensuring student safety whilst online. 


Adaptability and Organisation

Bees demonstrate remarkable adaptability, adjusting their roles within the hive according to the needs of the colony. This mirrors the ever-changing landscape of education and the need for adaptable solutions. An integral part of Saasyan, is our commitment to listening to our customers and continuously innovating and adapting our products to meet the changing needs of the schools we serve. Furthermore, bees are incredibly organised beings, with a structured hierarchy and division of labour. Saasyan's services reflect this organisational prowess by providing solutions that help educational institutions stay organised and delegate their duty of care when it comes to student online safety.


Symbol of Education

Bees have long been associated with education and learning. Their diligent gathering of nectar and pollination contribute to the growth of plants and the production of honey, symbolising the nurturing and diligence. and a profound work ethic and dedication. This work ethic is often associated with the dedication and effort required for successful learning and education. Students are encouraged to emulate bees in their pursuit of knowledge and commitment to continued growth and innovation.


The Infinity Wings

Perhaps one of the most intriguing elements of Saasyan's bee logo is the infinity sign incorporated into the bee's wings. This infinity symbol represents the company's unwavering commitment to working around the clock, 24/7. It signifies that Saasyan's services are always active, ensuring continuous protection and support for educational communities.