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Saasyan Bolsters K-12 Student Safety With AI-Powered Online Grooming Alerts

Saasyan's New Alerts Function Detects Early Signs Of Online Grooming

We recently announced the addition of a new AI-Powered Online Grooming Alerts function to Saasyan’s cloud-based, online student safety solution, Saasyan Assure.

The new function leverages a combination of natural language processing AI and other advanced analytics to detect early signs of online grooming within a student’s chat, email, and online drives.

“With the increase of technologies used in schools and the variety of online platforms available, predators have been given more opportunity to reach children. This new capability aims to help quickly identify instances of online grooming, enabling schools to act before a child is sexually exploited,” says Sidney Minassian, CEO of Saasyan.

The AI-Powered Online Grooming Alerts function detects potentially harmful common tactics used by abusers, such as:

  • Identifying when communication is between adults and children;
  • The use of sexualised language in a student’s chat, email or online drive;
  • Pressuring a child to send photos or meet in person;
  • A child sending or receiving sexually explicit material;
  • A child searching something sexual they have been asked for by their abuser; and
  • Requesting a child to keep secrets from their parents.

This new function adds to Saasyan’s AI portfolio, including the recently announced Safe Image AI that detects any images containing sexual content in a student's online drive, helping to prevent image-based abuse, more commonly referred to as revenge porn.

By detecting and alerting schools of possible instances of online grooming and image-based abuse, Saasyan enables teachers, counsellors and IT professionals to intervene proactively.

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