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What Would A Student Today Do To Combat Cyberbullying At Their School?

Saasyan enables wellbeing teams to follow-up instances of cyberbullying and self-harm with proactive counselling

The focus on mental health and wellbeing in schools has intensified in public discourse over the past two years due to the pandemic and instances of high psychological stress in students. While initiatives and programs exist to help improve the wellbeing of students, wellbeing professionals in K-12 face tremendous hurdles in supplying adequate care. 

On average, there is only one wellbeing professional at a school for every 750 students. Despite this, wellbeing leaders in K-12 are expected to identify every child experiencing psychological distress and deliver targeted care to improve their wellbeing. 

At a time when technology is advancing rapidly in schools and cyberbullying is on the rise, the ability for wellbeing leaders to be across all student online activities and take proper action to ensure the safety of their students becomes increasingly more difficult. 

Recently, at Future Well Festival 2022, Saasyan had the opportunity to hear first-hand, from more than 500 students, across 27 schools, about some of the challenges they face in school today.  

The students ranged from year 6 to year 12, and more than 70% had been impacted by some form of cyberbullying.  

Additionally, 93% of students believed that technology in schools had contributed to their experiences with cyberbullying.  

When asked about their opinions on technology in schools, students commonly felt that:  

  • The rise of social media correlated with an increase in cyberbullying. 
  • The anonymity offered online allows bullies the freedom to be extremely cruel. 
  • Technology has affected student relationships by making it easier to express hurtful words and feelings towards one another. 
  • Technology has made bullying harder to escape with home no longer being a safe space. 

Students also had the opportunity to share what they would do to combat cyberbullying at their schools if they were the principal for a day. Many students’ answers all followed a similar vein… 

One student named Lachlan said that he would, “develop an anonymous online reporting platform for students to report cyberbullying.” 

Another student named Wilbur, believed that “making it easier to access support at the school, and harsher punishment for people who cyberbully other students,” would decrease cyberbullying offences. 

A large majority of students agreed with Lachlan and Wilbur, stating that online activity should be documented in some way so that when there is an instance of cyberbullying the perpetrator can be identified and disciplined accordingly. 


By monitoring all online activities on a school network, Saasyan identifies and alerts on instances of cyberbullying and self-harm, enabling wellbeing or other education professionals to follow-up with proactive counselling.  

Furthermore, Saasyan’s easy and comprehensive reports enable wellbeing leaders to take a proactive approach in counselling. Victims of cyberbullying can be identified early and by using detailed reports and actionable insights, counselling efforts can be targeted to the concerns of an individual student. 

Put the wellbeing of your students first.  

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