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Autonomy, Relationships & Student Wellbeing Programs Delivered By True Believers

Daisy Turnbull on the Saasyan SafeVillage

Daisy Turnbull
Director Of Wellbeing
at St. Catherine's School
Author of 50 Risks To Take With Your Kids &
50 Questions To Ask Your Teens

Watch this episode to learn :

  1. How to ask your child simple questions to open up dialogue and help them express how they are feeling - even if you are fatigued with the current lockdown and want to avoid big topics 
  2. Why it's important to allow kids to make their decisions at an early age and to learn to trust their own feelings about situations
  3. Practical examples on how to help our kids around resilience, independence and growth mindset
  4. Why students flourish when they have autonomy, challenge and positive relationships
  5. The inspiration and backstory on writing her books 50 Risks To Take With Your Kids & 50 Questions To Ask Your Teens
  6. The importance of recognising what your kids are able to do instead of thinking of all the things that could go wrong
  7. How St Catherine's School have implemented their wellbeing program and  aligned it to their school values
  8. Why now is the best time to have a career in wellbeing and to implement formal mental and emotional wellbeing programs in schools
  9. Why off-the-shelf wellbeing programs don't work
  10. Why you cannot deliver wellbeing programs if the people delivering them, don't believe it.

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