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Redirecting Adrenalin - The Journey Of Six Teenage Boys Becoming World Champions

Nicola Miller on the Saasyan #SafeVillage

Nicola Miller
Holistic Coach of the Under 19 Australian
Men's White Water Rafting Team

Watch this episode to learn :

  1. Why it's important not to bubble-wrap our society too much and let children take part in adrenaline risk activities.
  2. How daredevil activities are a symptom of teenagers being bored.
  3. The inspiring story behind a team of 6 young Australian men winning the world title for Men's Under 19 White Water Rafting - the background, their journey, and how they are able to use the skills learned into further life.
  4. 17 Strong - Nicola's new wellbeing program, inspired by the rafting team and designed to be long-spanned rather than few day workshops.
  5. Importance of finding a sense of trust, a joint team objective, and a balance between nutrition, exercise and mindfulness to get the best out of kinds in risk age group.
  6. How writing down your thoughts and reflections is a powerful way to work towards a positive mindset. 


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