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Empowering Teachers To Be First Responders To Student Mental Health

Dr Regine Muradian on Saasyan #SafeVillage

Dr Regine Muradian
Clinical Psychologist & Author
Co-Founder of Team Project RISE

Watch this episode to learn :

  1. Why it is important to teach teachers how to recognise and detect depression-like symptoms or other disruptive behaviour early on in their students.
  2. What teachers should be taking into considerations when children return back to school.
  3. Tips for parents on helping their children feel at ease as they return back to school.
  4. How the mental health piece is missing when there's less contact, less talking and fewer conversations - the importance of communication and having a connection with our children
  5. How Dr Muradian's books were inspired and what lessons can be learned from them.
  6. What Team Project RISE is about and the resources they are going to be distributing to schools for teachers.


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