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Beyond The What & The How, Educators Should Teach Kids The ‘Why’ of Cyber Safety

Trent Ray
Co-Founder of the Cyber Safety Project

Watch this episode to learn :

  1. How young people are today navigating technology without supervision, leading to the increase in cyber safety and digital wellbeing challenges.
  2. The challenges teachers are experiencing with teaching online safety to their students and how the Cyber Safety Project helps schools with providing a program in alignment with the Australian curriculum and each of the State frameworks.
  3. Survey results from over 250 Australian educators who shared their challenges with having cyber safety conversations with their students.
  4. The importance of talking about the 'why' whenever we're talking about cyber safety and digital wellbeing.
  5. How the acceleration of technology for learning has created a big need for technology to be integrated into the lives of school life.
  6. Why young people need to have access to proactive education. 
  7. The importance of parents discussing online safety with their children.
  8. How a community approach and using the same vocabulary around cyber safety and digital wellbeing is critical.

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