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Balancing Openness & Rules To Ensure Kids Are Safe & Successful With Tech

Diana Murase on Saasyan #SafeVillage

Diana Murase, Director of Innovation & Technology at Kardinia International College

Watch this episode to learn :

  1. Why we need to build trust with the kids instead of policing them
  2. How training, communication and boundaries create safety
  3. How to get kids to take the journey to understand consequences
  4. At what age to start cyber-safety classes
  5. How being vulnerable to kids and learning from them we can build trust
  6. How parents, communities and sporting leaders need to have an active role in helping kids understand their responsibility
  7. How to create situational awareness in response to the dangers of sexting and grooming
  8. The power of using peers to coach the kids
  9. Why taking a positive approach matters
  10. The importance of educating parents on the potential dangers of technology at home and their role

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