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Shaping & Changing What Cyber Security Means For Schools

Sean Duca on the Saasyan #SafeVillage

Sean Duca
Vice President, Regional Chief Security Officer for Asia Pacific & Japan for Palo Alto Networks

Watch this episode to learn :

  1. Importance for school leadership to understand what the cybersecurity risks and challenges are and to be aware of threats towards the school and students - schools need to be aware they are still a target.
  2. How the security landscape and threats have changed and are constantly changing.
  3. What kind of maturity levels should schools be looking for.
  4. How cyberattackers often get access to school systems and rent out the computer processing power to other people doing nefarious activities.
  5. Importance of driving and reinforcing the message around cyber education.
  6. Palo Alto Networks' most recent product launch - Okyo Garde for homes.
  7. Sean's thoughts around navigating in your career and finding what your passion is.


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