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Saasyan Announces New Pricing & Feature Changes

Here's What It Means For Student Safety & Wellbeing For All Schools

We know we are not alone in believing that...

All students deserve to be safe and well across all their digital activities, including in chat, email, search, websites, social and videos.  

So, as we considered our mission and 'what else' we could be doing...

We're proud to announce our new pricing model, which makes Saasyan Assure affordable for all schools (Yes! We've reduced our fees) and now includes all our features in the one standard product (Yes! It includes everything).

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This means our Saasyan Assure AI-Powered Student Safety & Wellbeing solution is now all-inclusive with:

βœ… Alerting and Reporting Across:
βœ… Student, Classroom & School Productivity Features:
  • Firewall Rule Overrides
  • Student Digital Rating
  • Crowd-sourced words and phrases dictionary, complemented by our K-12 tuned Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI engine
  • On-demand & scheduled reports
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Eliminates requests by teachers & wellbeing on School IT for ad-hoc firewall changes and reporting
  • Audit Logging

βœ… No-Compromise on Best-in-Class Technologies
  • Integrates with existing school technologies:
    • Identity and Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Next-generation firewall
  • All-cloud SaaS solution - no hardware or software to maintain and manage
  • No agents on school servers or student devices
  • No impact to internet,  server or device performance
  • Encrypted Data - at rest and in-flight
  • Easy compliance with Data Retention Policy

βœ… Advanced Analytics and AI, including:
  • Crowd-sourced words and phrases dictionary
  • Fuzzy logic & near-term analysis to identify misspelt harmful words and phrases
  • Natural Language Processing to identify harmful context in search, chat, emails and video titles
  • Cohort analysis to reduce false-positive alerts and to identify anomalies
  • Recurrence analysis to identify patterns in behaviour that needs attention

For our existing customers, we've got you covered... πŸ™Œ

For customers who have purchased or renewed their subscriptions in the past 90 days, we will provide a pro-rata credit to your next renewal invoice to compensate for any over-payment as compared to our new pricing model 

This includes a credit for customers who had additionally purchased our previously optional add-on features (e.g. Microsoft 365 Assure Add-on). 

For all our customers, all our features are now included in your subscription

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Stay Tuned!

Today, we’re ensuring the safety and wellbeing of over 400,000 students, across 600 government and non-government schools. Stay tuned for upcoming announcement across our product and community. 

Our mission has just begun! 

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