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The Silent Victims of School Shootings

We are often painfully aware of the lasting trauma of those directly involved in school shootings, but what about the silent victims? What impact does witnessing these traumatic events over and over again have on a child's necessary sense of safety and security in school?

Saasyan Safe Image AI Is Available For Microsoft OneDrive

Safe Image AI Detects Images Containing Sexual Content In A Student's Online Drive Assure’s integration with Microsoft OneDrive helps schools using Microsoft 365 to detect and prevent image-based abuse, more commonly referred to as revenge porn, through actionable alerts and reporting.
Report cyberbullying

Report Cyberbullying And Get The Help You Need

Quick Help For Kids If you suffer from bullying, the most effective method to prevent and overcome bullying is to bring it up and report it. Reporting also shows bullies that their behaviour is not accepted nor tolerated.