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What's New In Saasyan Assure - v.5.08

We have some exciting new features and software improvements we'd like to share with you.

Read on for what's new in Saasyan Assure!

1. Enhanced Alerts Settings And A New Wellbeing Alerts Email

1.1. Alerts Settings - Category, Classifications and Alert Expiry

In the Category settings, you are now able to specify for each category if an 'Immediate Notification' is required.

In the Classification settings, you will now be provided with recommended default settings and can for each classification specify:

  • if an 'Immediate Notification' is required
  • if the Alert should be auto prioritised to alert on 'Recurring' activity. For example, a student searched for 'suicide hotline phone number' 6 times in one day
  • if the Alert should be auto prioritised to alert on behaviours that are an anomaly to the rest of their cohort. For example when an Alert is set for 'Cohort Relative' prioritisation and a student in Miss Wilson's science class searches 'how long will I be locked up for selling cocaine' an Alert is not triggered if the same search was also conducted in the same period by 25 other students in Miss Wilson's Science class

The Rule Expiry has now been relabelled to Alert Expiry.

Add Alert Saasyan Assure

Note: Alerts can be created separately for categories and classifications or can be created with a combination of both.

1.2. New Wellbeing Alerts Email

The new Wellbeing Alerts Email is designed to give actionable insights and context on students and incidents that need attention and an ability to seamlessly investigate when more information is required. 

Assure Alerts Email

The report provides the following information and insights:

  • Groups: lists the groups that have been included in this Alerts email
  • Date and time: shows the 24 hour period the Alerts email is reporting
  • Top Ten Dashboard:  provides an overview and tally for the top 10 Alerts grouped by 
    • Users
    • Classifications
    • Categories
  • Grouping of Alerts by order of:

 > Priority (High / Low)
 >> User (Name of students)
 >>> Alert type (e.g Dictionary Alert > Self Harm) 

  • Summary of triggered Alerts
    • The summary for each alert is provided as a 'narrative' as if a natural person was providing an update to another person
    • The summary includes:
      • 'action' taken e.g 'sent' a message
      • 'detail' of trigger e.g 'suicide hotline was useless'
      • 'tally' e.g. searched for 'suicide hotline' 6 times
      • 'context' e.g participants or recipients of message
      • 'platform' e.g using Microsoft Teams Chat
      • 'time' e.g. after school
  • Investigate
    • The Investigate button displayed next to each student's name will automatically take the report recipient into Assure and provide the details for the alerts that were triggered for the student in the time period being reported on.


1.3. Enhanced View Alert

The View Alert screen displays the additional setting for Categories and Classifications created in the Alerts Settings Form. e.g. If a Classification is set for 'Recurring' Auto Prioritisation.

View Alert Report Saasyan Assure


1.4. Alerts History

The Alerts History now includes Applications where an Alert was triggered e.g. Google Chat

Saasyan Assure alerts history



2. Firewall Override Rules - Create Rules To Run Indefinitely

Firewall Override Rules now have the option of being set to run permanently as well as temporarily.

To enable this, you must set the Allow Indefinite Overrides setting to 'Yes'. Saasyan Assure Rules Settings

When you click to create a rule, you will see the highlighted option visible, as shown below. 

Saasyan Assure Create Rule

3. Admin - Settings Update

3.1. Action Log Update

The Action Log now allows you to search for words, whitelisted words and phrases, classifications and search terms.

3.2. Words and Phrases Dictionary Update

White List phrases can now have a minimum length of 10 letters. Previously the minimum length was 12 letters.

Full Release Notes

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