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Seeing Message Context, Crowdsourcing Words and Phrases, Whitelisting URL's - New Assure Features - July 2021

New release of Saasyan Assure - v.5.09
Get excited because our team have some exciting new features we'd like to show you ahead of the Saasyan Assure v.5.09 release!

1. See The Entire Context of Email & Chat Messages

If you receive an alert email about any web categories or word and phrase classifications that were triggered, you can click the 'Investigate' button from the email, which will take you to the Alerts History page in the Alerts module.

Within that section of the software, there is now a new action available that will allow you to see all the messages within that email/chat conversation to help you pick up on context and be able to tell who was involved and what each person said within the conversation thread.

This will be a powerful tool to help your team determine how serious a particular situation is among students and will give you quick and easy access to the facts in the case.

  • This will be available for tracking if you have either the M365 or Google Workspace add-on integrations set up for Assure. Please get in touch with us if you would like to get this installed.

See Message Context

2. Share the Wisdom - Keep up with the kids and crowdsource the latest noteworthy words and phrases that other schools are tracking

The Words and Phrases dictionary (under the Admin module) now has the option to crowdsource any new words and phrases added by other schools that use the Assure software, and add them to your school's dictionary!

In a world where there are constantly new trends in terms of language and activities that the younger generations are privy to and taking part in, this is a fantastic feature that will help your team stay up to date on those trends and help you track them going forward thanks to our vigilant Assure users from across the country!

The software will now have a separate tab for this feature when viewing the Words and Phrases dictionary, as highlighted below. In addition, you will have the option to either add the new crowdsourced words and phrases individually, in bulk or reject them if needed.


3. Easily Whitelist and Track any URL 

If you head to the Alerts History page in the Alerts module, there is now an option available to whitelist specific URL's if needed.

When whitelisting URL's, they will show up in the Admin > Whitelisted URLs section as shown below.

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)

If a URL is whitelisted from the Alerts History page, all past instances of it will disappear from the Alerts History page, and future instances will not be logged.

You are able to reverse the whitelisting of a URL, but this will not bring back past instances of the alerts for that URL in the Alerts History page.

This will be a useful tool to help your team easily whitelist not just words and phrases but also URL's as well in case you don't wish to be alerted about a particular URL under a web category, and to also be able to easily track what URL's are currently whitelisted for your school.

Whitelisted URLs


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