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Inspiring Students Into Action On Environment, Equality & Entrepreneurship

Mick Liubinskas on Saasyan #SafeVillage

Mick Liubinskas
Tech Entrepreneur & Investor
Author of She's Building A Robot

Watch this episode to learn :

  1. How everyone has an opportunity to make an impact as small as it may be and reduce the environmental burden on our planet.
  2. Why you are the most important influence on the people close to you in making better environmental decisions every day.
  3. How you can impact businesses in taking the next step to becoming more environmentally concerned.
  4. What are the five big areas of sustainability and what are the jobs in the areas.
  5. Latest innovations in the food industry - moving towards more meatless products.
  6. The story behind Mick's book She's Building A Robot
  7. Guidance on entrepreneurship for students who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs - check your expectations, what is your passion and start talking with customers.
  8. How we can motivate women to get more into STEM and why gender equality is an area we still have a lot of work to do.

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