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The 7 Core Values Powering Our Mission At Saasyan

The 7 Core Values Powering Our Mission At Saasyan

On a recent Culture Creators podcast interview, our CEO Sidney Minassian shared how at Saasyan we truly value the importance of care, craft, creation, continuous learning, commercial awareness, communication, and celebration.

These seven values are at the core of everything we do at Saasyan, and they guide us in our interactions with each other, our clients, and the wider community.

Sidney also provides insights and perspective from his 20+ years of leadership and business building, including: 

  • The one thing he thinks about when he hears the word culture
  • What has been important to him as he's built company culture
  • How he is now being more intentional about culture design
  • What guidance he would give to people in a similar role
  • What he knows now about culture that he wished he knew when he started out as a leader

You can watch the full interview here ...


Saasyan Values

1-Mar-16-2023-11-53-42-7242-PM Care 

At Saasyan, we believe that care is essential in building strong relationships with our customers, partners, and team members. We take care of ourselves, so that we can perform at our best and be caring of others. We are good team players, striving to earn the trust of others with our can-do attitude.


Our commitment to craft means that we deliver work we are proud of, and we are results-driven, taking ownership of our tasks and backing our decisions with data. We work smart to ensure we are always delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients.

3-2 Creation

We are an innovative company, daring to think differently and approaching the unknown courageously. We iterate quickly, embracing fast failure as a means of achieving success.

4-1 Continuous Learning

At Saasyan, we believe in continuous learning and taking responsibility for our personal and professional growth. We learn something new every day, and we are committed to sharing knowledge and supporting each other to grow.

5 Commercial Awareness

We are also mindful of our commercial priorities, ensuring that we are commercially astute and always mindful of our clients' needs.

6 Communication

Communication is also a core value for us, and we communicate openly and consultatively, always being mindful of context.

7 Celebration

Finally, we believe in celebrating the contribution of each team member and celebrating our wins. At Saasyan, we believe that every success is a team success, and we take the time to celebrate our achievements together.

These values are not just words on a page for us at Saasyan; they are the guiding principles that shape our interactions and decision-making processes.

We are proud to embody these values and believe that they are key to our continued success.

Our Mission Has Just Begun! 🐝