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Detecting Offline Students, Exporting Message Context, Smart User Guide

Saasyan Assure New Release v.5.10

New Assure Features - October 2021

A new release is upon us! Read on to learn more about some of the exciting new features we have in store for v.5.10

1. Where are they? - Identify Students Who Are Offline (and potentially bypassing your school's Firewall)

In response to suggestions from our customers, we have created a new Offline Users Report, highlighting the students for which there is no online activity (data), which indicates potentially:

  • students have found a way to bypass the school's firewall/web filter using a VPN, or
  • there may be an issue with the firewall itself not identifying certain users properly.

Located as a new report option in the Reports menu on the left, this report will display the users who have no data being reported for them in the span of any 24-hour period. The report can be exported as a CSV as well as a PDF, and it can also be saved as a template and scheduled to be sent to others if needed.

Identify Students Who Are Offline

2. Export The Entire Context of Email & Chat Messages Where Alerts Have Been Triggered

In our last release, we added a fantastic feature to help Assure users determine the context of email and chat messages when an alert is triggered. This function enables schools to determine how the conversation started, who was involved in the conversation, and why an Alert was triggered – providing meaningful insights and context for taking appropriate action.

With our current release, you are now able to export the message context to easily keep record and share it with other team members. To export message context for a triggered alert, navigate to Alerts > History, click the Context action icon for an email or chat message in the reporting on that page and then click the PDF export button at the top of the pop-up screen to complete the export for that conversation.

Exporting Email Context to PDF:

Export Email context to PDF

Exporting Chat Context to PDF:

Export Chat context import to PDF

3. Smart Assure User Guide - Fast & Responsive

To help you get to the right user guide information quickly, the updated Assure User Guide is ‘smart’ and will open relative to the section of the software you are currently navigating.

Smart User Guides

Full Release Notes

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