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The Silent Victims of School Shootings

We are often painfully aware of the lasting trauma of those directly involved in school shootings, but what about the silent victims? What impact does witnessing these traumatic events over and over again have on a child's necessary sense of safety and security in school?

Shouldn't Your School Know...?

With the prevalence of technology on the rise, student cyberbullying, self-harm, suicide and threats of violence are a growing problem for schools.
Cisco & Saasyan

Saasyan Assure Supports Cisco Umbrella

A Flexible, Cloud Delivered Solution For K-12 Schools Saasyan integrates with Cisco Umbrella to offer K-12 schools a reliable, cloud-delivered solution that leverages best-in-class cyber security and student safety.

Saasyan Safe Image AI Is Available For Microsoft OneDrive

Safe Image AI Detects Images Containing Sexual Content In A Student's Online Drive Assure’s integration with Microsoft OneDrive helps schools using Microsoft 365 to detect and prevent image-based abuse, more commonly referred to as revenge porn, through actionable alerts and reporting.
Saasyan + Fortinet

Sassyan & Fortinet - Case Study

St Aidan’s and St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ Schools The Saasyan + Fortinet Solution Enables Two Australian Schools To Help Ensure The Online Safety Of Their Students.

Saasyan Assure Integration With Schoology

Schoology + Assure: Easy Monitoring With Classroom View Assure's integration with the Schoology Learning Management System allows teachers to keep learning outcomes and productivity on track all from within the Schoology application.
New Child Safe Standards

Complying With The New Child Safe Standards In Victoria Australia

With a mission to enable schools to ensure the online safety of their students and with a belief that there is still much work to be done by all of us parents, innovators, school leaders and government policy makers, Saasyan welcomes the New Child Safe Standards that came into effect on 1 July 2022 in Victoria Australia.